Open Source Learning Toolkit for Economics

EconPractice is an environment for authoring and interacting with economics concepts. Our practice modules allow instructors to set up an economics scenario with an accompanying graph. Students can then interact with that graph, moving curves and changing values. Students can receive immediate feedback for these movements, based on expertise provided by the instructor.

We've developed this tool with macroeconomics as the initial focus, with possibilities of expanding to microeconomics in the future.

EconPractice integrates with learning management systems such as Canvas, allowing for assessment to happen using our tool.

EconPractice is developed and maintained as an open source tool called EconPlayground. Our source code is available on GitHub and released with the GNU GPL3 license.

Key Features

  • Instructors can use a graphing toolkit to create illustrations and practice assignments utilizing open-source JSXGraph tools.

  • Students can practice on EconPractice or practice assignments on a course site (website, Canvas, etc.) utilizing open-source EconPlayground.

  • Instructors can provide automated feedback to students utilizing open-source Django.

  • Practice assignments can be embedded into learning management software (Canvas, etc.) for automated grading and interactive feedback.

  • Instructors can share their assignments and applications with other instructors.

  • Instructors can create and clone courses shared with different audiences (instructor-course management system)


Sample Course

Sample Course (Student View)


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